Corpi Sonori (2009-10) for flute, clarinet, cello and live electronics was written for the Fiari Ensemble.

Stereo version

Binaural version (for headphones)

- standalone version of the SuperCollider app
- score

Everything resonates, and in the case of music we count on this resonance to make the distinctive sounds of our instruments. Sympathetic vibration is when the vibration of one body causes another body to resonate due to similar spectra. For instance, you can hold the pedal of a piano down, and sing a note loudly into it. When you stop, the sound of your voice will remain as the strings in the piano that contain similar frequencies to your voice are activated.
In 'Corpi Sonori', snapshots of the music the ensemble creates are captured and transformed into resonant digital filters that the players give resonance to. As the piece goes on the resonance of the live instruments also resonates in sympathy with the musical past of the work. Layers of the past also start to add to the overall result, allowing the performers to create orchestral textures as they play.